10 new members in LM Sharp Diamond™ product family

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LM is happy to inform that there are 10 new members in the popular LM Sharp Diamond™ hand instrument range! You will now find top favorite sharpen free Gracey curettes in regular sizes and a couple more universal curettes and scalers.

LM-SharpJack™ your next favorite scaler

The collection has also a new Sickle Scaler called LM-SharpJack™. This new scaler features extra long, thin blades for convenient interproximal access presenting the most popular scaler design in the US. To raise the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease LM will donate funds from every sold LM-SharpJack™ to Alzheimer’s research. We are promoting the launch of LM-SharpJack™ with a charity campaign. In recognition of the association between poor dental health and Alzheimers’s disease, we are seeking to raise awareness of the condition by donating funds from every LM-SharpJack™ sold to Alzheimer’s research. Visit LM-SharpJack™ campaign page for more information about the campaign!

More information about these great new products can be found via the product links below!

New LM Sharp Diamond™ products

LM-SharpJack™ SD            LM 315-316SD ES

Scaler H6-H7 SD              LM 146-147SD ES

Sickle LM23 SD                LM 313-314SD ES

LM-Syntette™ SD                LM 215-216SD ES

Columbia 4L-4R SD        LM 219-220SD ES

Barnhart 5-6 SD               LM 227-228SD ES

Gracey 1/2 SD                   LM 201-202SD ES

Gracey 7/8 SD                  LM 207-208SD ES

Gracey 11/12 SD               LM 211-212SD ES

Gracey 13/14 SD               LM 213-214SD ES