Innovation and High Quality Standards Maintain LM-Dental™ Excellence

Manufactured in Scandinavia

All LM-Dental™ products are manufactured in Finland and in Sweden, where regulatory standards are very high. Our production processes ensure the highest quality in every LM-Dental™ product.

ISO Certifications

We use the ISO Quality Management System. Our Quality System Certificates include:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • EC-Certificate Directive 93/42/EEC

Certifications ensure that all production processes and customer service are continuously evaluated and improved.


LM-Dental™ works with dental experts and queries working professionals continuously for emerging needs and preferences. Our many patents testify to our market leadership and our dedication to delivering the best, most clinically innovative solutions.

Our patents include:

  • CH 694788
  • EP/DE 1257225, EP/DE 1648329
  • EP/ES 1648329
  • EP/FI 1257225, FI 118789, FI 125273, FI 125271
  • EP/FR 1257225, EP/FR 1648329
  • EP/GB 1257225, EP/GB 1648329
  • EP/IT 1648329
  • EP/PL 1648329
  • US 5816893, US 5501597, US 6997709, US 8459989
  • US D457630, US D668339.

LM-Dental™ also has new patents pending.